Natural Liner Patterns

Color and tile aspects may differ from the images shown. Please see your Merlin Dealer for actual vinyl samples.



Magnolia Tile

Peaceful Waters Floor

The floral design of the stone in this tile give a soft, calming energy. Beautifully paired with a gentle blue tiled floor.

Valencia Tile

Ocean Mist Floor

With bursts of dark and light blues along the tile, this liner is vibrant and fun. The mosaic-esque floor adds a layer of beauty.

Moonlight Cove Tile

Jasper Beach Floor

The dark swirls in the stone-like tile are gorgeous paired with the dark floor, bringing elegance and beauty to your backyard.

Arrowhead Tile

Jasper Beach Floor

The darker geometric tile paired with the stone-like dark floor offer a natural but distinct look in your pool water. Eye-catching and unique.

Sea Grove Tile

Peaceful Waters Floor

This tile and floor are gentle, but beautiful in their shades of blue and add a unique touch of pattern in their stone-like appearance.

Sarasota Tile

Sea Storm

Sarasota is a classic tile with a modern twist; the deep blues are stunning!

Royal Island Tile

Sea Storm Bottom

With the movement and hues of a stormy sea, this liner pattern embraces the brilliant and darker blues.

Luxe Gemstone Tile

Ocean Breeze Bottom

Take a dip in luxury with this modern gemstone tile pattern.

Aster Tile

Ocean Breeze Bottom

Aster Tile and Ocean Breeze bottom are bursting with modern colors and shapes.

Fraser Island Tile

Outer Banks Bottom

This contemplative color scheme evokes a modern look with a wavy, retro-like pattern sure to add character to any backyard design.

Eagle Beach Tile

Gold Coast Bottom

The Eagle Beach tile incorporates the high-end look of natural stacked stone with a pebble bottom that’s both detailed and attractive.

Cape Elizabeth Tile

Oceanside Bottom

Incorporating grays and browns, the Cape Elizabeth pattern creates a natural lagoon look with beautiful teal colored water and a high-end, multi-faceted tile at the top.

Sandy Cay Tile

Runaway Bay Bottom

Perfectly corresponding to the name, Sandy Cay evokes feelings of just that – a natural, sandy beach glittering in the sunlight.

Hampton Bays Tile

Blue Lagoon Bottom

For natural pools, perhaps even incorporating a rock waterfall, Hampton Bays is the ideal complement with its’ faux-stone tile and darker bottom.

Corolla Beach Tile

Outer Banks Bottom

Admired for cheerful tile look, widely regarded color scheme and beauty beneath the water, Corolla is one of our longest running patterns