Crystal Cove Tile

Brava Beach Bottom

20 mil AquaMax*

Crystal Cove Tile has the unique look of stained glass. The beautiful pattern also features a geometric pattern on the floor for a modern look that is unique and attractive. 

For years pool owners have been looking for a better pool liner only to be told that all they can get is a thicker vinyl liner. Higher gauge liners are still subject to the same Ultraviolet, Chemical and heat damage as standard 20 mil liners.

AQUA-Max liners are specifically formulated to provide greater Ultraviolet resistance and far greater resistance to today's pool chemical systems and occasional chemical misuse. AQUA-Max vinyl also contains over twice as much anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection than standard vinyl liners.

This pattern is also a Merlin EXCLUSIVE pattern. 

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* - AquaMax up-charge applies