Nov 11, 2016, 09:35 AM
The cover is designed to rest on the pool water and is locked into your pool deck using all American made hardware, including brass anchors and custom rubber tension straps. Special hardware is available for raised spas and all types of waterfalls and special pool features.
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Pool Guard Covers 

Pool Guard Kaleidoscapes!

Pool Guard Kaleidoscapes! covers feature a 15 oz. solid supported PVC material with added UV protection available in multiple colors

Pool Guard Plus

Pool Guard Plus covers feature an 18 oz. supported solid PVC material.

Pool Guard

Our Standard Pool Guard cover features a 15 oz. supported solid PVC material.

*Pool Guard Solid Safety Covers meet or exceed A.S.T.M F1346-91 when properly installed with an automatic cover pump.


Pool Guard Brochure