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SmartMesh Cover

Nov 11, 2016, 17:11 PM
SmartMesh provides 100% shade from the algae causing rays of the sun, while still allowing rain and melting snow to pass through the cover material.
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Categories : Covers
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New Designs for 2018 - Vinyl Liners

Beautify your swimming pool with a professional pool liner certain to transform your pool into a spectacular backyard showcase. Professionally-designed, beautifully varied.

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Lasting Quality.

Each panel is constructed of weather-resistant, heat-sealed black mesh and aluminum quad-core poles.

Safety First.

Merlin's Safety Fencing is the ultimate in backyard barriers, blocking unwanted guests and pets without obstructing visibility.

Versatile and Convenient.

Safe ’n Secure Swimming Pool Fencing is available in 12-foot sections, and has support poles spaced every three feet for easy customization.

Simple Assembly.

Assembly takes just a few short minutes to attach the handrail and deck flange. No other assembly is required.

Quality and Performance.

the Aqua Staircase is a one-piece step system built using rotational molding technology and manufactured from top quality PE resins. .


The Aqua Staircase derives its strength from its simplicity. Its smooth roto-molded bottom edge makes it more liner friendly than other steps on the market.

Customized for you.

Easy Entry Steel Steps from Merlin come in a variety of shapes and sizes or can be custom ordered to fit your needs.

Simple Upgrade.

Replacing your liner? Merlin’s Easy Entry Steel Steps provide an instant upgrade to your pool, which will make entering and exiting the pool easier and safer.

Safer Entry and Exit.

Easy Entry Steel Steps are secured into the pool wall with a unique bracket system that provides strength and security.

Custom Designed.

For larger or free-form in-ground spas where regular foam spa covers can be too heavy or cannot be installed, Merlin offers custom-designed floating spa covers.


All Merlin spa covers have two large heat seals and a double skirt to retain heat and lower operating costs.

High Quality.

A super-strong 3” galvanized steel C-Channel adds superior strength to the cover’s center and is made with the highest quality domestic vinyl.