Aqua Staircase Questions

Can the step tear my liner?
How do I hold the step down?
How much weight can the step support?
The step is difficult to get out of the pool every winter when I want to cover it. Any suggestions?
What colors does the step come in?

Custom Spa Cover Questions

Can a spa cover withstand heavy snow?
Can just cover inserts be ordered?
Do Custom Spa Covers meet ASTM Standards for Safety Covers?
What are the R-values of spa covers?
What should I clean my spa cover skin with?
What tapers of foam inserts do you offer?

Easy Entry Questions

Can I install Easy-Entry steps in an existing pool?
What sizes do the steps come in?

General Questions

Can I fill out the warranty online?
Can I order products from Merlin directly?
How do I find a Merlin dealer near me?
What do you mean by limited warranty? How is it pro-rated?

Liner Questions

Can I mix and match liner tiles and bottoms?
Do you have plain liners?
How can I fix a small rip or tear in my liner?
How long should my liner last?
How often do you change your liner patterns?
How will my liner look in the pool?
What is a Merlin Signature Liner?
What is the difference in a Value-Max and Aqua-Max liner?
What size and shape pools can you make a liner for?
What’s the difference between a 20 and 27 mil liner?
Will brushes or pool cleaners hurt my liner?
Will chemicals hurt my liner?
Will I see seams in my liner?

Safety Cover Questions

Can you install a Merlin cover on an above-ground pool?
Can you make a cover for any shape and size pool?
How and where should I store my cover while it is not in use?
How can I confirm I’ve received the CORRECT mesh cover upon delivery, since the SmartMesh™ is more expensive than Dura-Mesh?
How can I fix a small rip or tear in my cover?
How much do each of these covers weigh?
I have rock surrounding my pool. Can that damage my cover?
I live at the beach. Should that affect which cover I buy?
If I have a non-Merlin cover and want a replacement, could Merlin make the same cover matching the anchor points?
My dealer said the cover brand they sell is “just like” a Merlin SmartMesh™ cover. Is that true?
Should I drain my pool when I am ready to put on my Merlin cover this winter?
Should I remove snow from my safety cover?
What is the difference between SmartMesh™ and Dura-Mesh covers?
Why do I need a safety cover?
Why is the warranty less on the solid than mesh covers?


Safety Cover Installation Instructions




Safety Cover Owner's Guide